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an old song that I never played… written… wow, about 10 years ago.


5.0 out of 5 stars The perfect combination of romance and danger!, May 15, 2010
This review is from: Kiss.bang. (MP3 Download)

God I love Sherry-Lee Wisor and Happy so much, where to begin?

Fans of bluegrass should immediately hear this and any fan of a beautiful female voice, ethereal at times so soft and sweet on Like Quicksand, the promoted video for this. I sure wish they had a major deal….

Pigeons (God where are the lyrics here? they’re GREAT!) (yes CD version review) – a song about relationships, beautiful guitar solo, great dynamics on guitar at 2:35, song explodes open.

I killed a bug in my car as I first heard her sing “the spider’s dead”, it was an odd moment…

Malta Train is like some cross between, it has jazzy organ with a C & W backing almost zydeco the influences are all over the place which makes it SO hard to draw comparisons to any others…I hear Dylan influences…it’s a wonderful song BRING ON THAT ACCORDION!
Impossible to categorize…..but utterly beautiful…some barroom piano…but most of all the most BEAUTIFUL harmonies, at 2:02 and 3:30 again, INCREDIBLE, so soothing….
Should be as big as any Lee Hazlewood classic…Stones influence perceived…

“just some thoughts from the grey” is so, when Sherry-Lee sings “a breeze couldn’t blow them away,” basically prepared to be blown away completely with the words “into yesterday”…just words on paper here, but to HEAR her….

this song is celestial, it’s so utterly beautiful – soothing and dreamlike especially with the guitars chiming and glittery…
and certain memories never fade do they Sherry-Lee?

“still something so simple as rain on my window brings him next to me here in the dark…” (then a punchline sang so BLISSFUL: “Like we Never got caught!”) Some happiness to go with all the sadness! Some pride, some remembrance.

Fishin’ is a fine, country guitar-pickin’ bounce, while Sherry-Lee’s southern accent is utterly beautiful and charming…nice wild guitar solo!

Then the standout: Seven.

THIS SONG, this song should be HUGE!

GREAT twin rhythm guitars, a truly rocking sound which fits Sherry-Lee’s voice perfect this whole CD shows influences so vast…

“PERFECT COMBINATION OF ROMANCE AND DANGER” — one of the best lyrics I’ve heard. Utterly thrilling!

God sakes BUY THIS!

Sherry-Lee is a current giant of REAL music right now, this is all out SUCH a love for many kinds of music it is Obvious purely for the music,
if you like rock and bluegrass etc. what can I say except the chance of you LOVING THIS is pretty high!

a new song…

my loves show up in every one.

… the tour was booked by a young punk rock agency called ODB and Matteo Preabianca of a label called Movimento Flaneur, who are doing my digital distribution. Nice people- we did 10 shows in 10 towns in 10 days- in and out like the ninja. We played to full rooms and the crowds were super attentive and loving- and eminently good looking- my god. So needless to say, it was great fun.

We played a rock bar in the northeast with a huge banner of my boyfriend, that big dude from Manowar behind us, a club in Slovenia where the front lights of the building were turned off to ensure the ‘privacy’ of the show… man it’s cold in Slovenia. I think my favorite show was in a half German, half Italian town near the borders of Switzerland and Austria called Bolzano- it was a smaller bar but it was packed with people and between songs it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop… we also played a private party in Florence that my friend Matteo booked through we had the night off and they gave us great food and a place to stay in exchange for a set in their living room.

The people over there seem really interested in Canadian bands, it’s neat. Also, it’s always so great to play with Keith Rose, who I consider one of the seminal players in Canadian indie music and part of the reason I wanted to play bass when I first started. We traveled with a duo called ‘NonMiPiaceIlCirco!’ which translates to ‘I don’t like the circus’. Great songs. There’s this cool trend for what they call ‘Noise Folk’ over there- organic instruments, dissonance with a roots feel. It worked really nicely with the stuff I’ve been doing.

I’ve been doing a lot of work over the last year on ‘other’ music- jazz standards and old-time mostly-  exploring different singing styles, so it was really nice to be able to rock out and play my own material again, and a great way to kick off the re-launching of Happy for the first time since my guitar player, Robin Hunter, left for Vancouver. This new version is going to have a bigger power-pop-stomp feel with Tom Murray on bass and Fat Dave Johnston on guitar- I’ve really missed playing with Graham Guest on keys, so I’m terribly excited to do this show on February 12 at the Starlight Room. It’s the Grant MacEwan bash and we’re sharing the bill with hip hop outfits Swollen Members and Scratch, from the Roots- we kick off the night. Fun.

(Gigantic thanks to Fish Griwkowsky for putting a big chunk of this in his column at See Magazine)

… the men at our show…  they were beautiful…. such handsome men watching your every move and then they disappear. they are perfect.

wish you were here.

can’t find my camera… i can be an awful scatterbrain, but everything is really good. We’re in a town called Bolzano tonight- on the border of austria- half german, half italian town- can’t even begin to describe how fantastic the architecture is- surrounded by mountains, kind of like canmore. and the beer. oh lord it is so hard to make small talk in italian. I’m like a retarded person… but keith says it’s quaint. there was this super humanly gorgeous girl there tonight who smoked us up, named ‘daisy’, who told me she loved me 12 times in a row. we were stoned.

tonight was the best night so far… but sometimes it feels like so much and i just don’t have the energy and i miss you guys… but then, nights like this make it all nice again… i’m having so much fun singing and all my shows are full…

love you…


hi! welcome to my blog!
we put this page together with the help of Filipo aka Feelglass, my new friend from Italy and Matteo of Movimento Flaneur…

So I can tell you what I’m doing!

We are putting together my second tour of Italy for January…. last April we did about 10 shows in Northern Italy and had a lovely time… I’m really happy to be going back and to play with one of my favourite musicians, Mister Keith Rose…

Closer to home, I recently did a couple of collaborative shows with the darling Robin Hunter and Mark Davis where I was able to lap up the fabulousness of the 6 foot bullies (Thom Golub & John ‘Woody’ Woroschuck)…

singing harmony was something I got to do a lot of with my previous band, the Digs, and I’ve been missing over the last few years… Mark is great fun to sing along to…

Next month, in November, I’ll be doing a couple of shows with Fat Dave Johnston on guitar and Tom Murray on bass– we’ll be doing some of the Handsome Fellas stuff, but also some of the jazz and blues tunes I’ve been amusing myself with… the shows will be listed on this page!

well, that’s it. my first blog.

what fun!


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